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As we reopen in a “Covid-19” world, we have done our absolute best to ensure you have a safe environment where you can keep fit, healthy and socialise all at once.

The biggest change from your perspective, is that you’ll need to be a little more organised and plan ahead for the sessions you want to attend. Anyone who wishes to attend a class, whether adult or child, member or non-member, will need to book via our website

Booking Classes Key Points:

  • Class availability will generally open up for booking 10 days in advance.
  • Direct debit members should enter BHGMEMBER in the discount code box at checkout, to ensure they are not charged for the session. (Any issues please let Siobhan know).
  • Non-members must pre-pay at the point of booking and the above discount code will not work for them. Pay as you go bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Direct debit members under 14 should enter BHGKIDS in the discount code box at checkout, to ensure they are not charged for the session. (Any issues please let Siobhan know)
  • It is essential that direct debit members only book sessions that they fully intend to show up for. 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of a session is required for members.
  • No shows without 24 hours’ notice may result in “last dibs” booking temporarily, allowing other members to make their selections before you.
  • Class attendance will be limited to approx. 12-16 people per session (depending on the activity).
  • It is important that everyone books their own sessions in, so we have an accurate register should there be any need to “track and trace” due to a case of Covid-19.

Important changes we have made to keep everyone safe:

  • New flooring which will be cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Enhanced cleaning measures of all surfaces and equipment.
  • Self-clean stations for you to clean the equipment you are using before and after (yes as well as us cleaning it!)
  • New and improved bag area.
  • Staggered timetable to allow exit of previous class and cleaning.
  • Hand sanitising stations throughout the gym, please use regularly.
  • If you are allergic to hand sanitiser, you must wash your hands upon arrival and prior to departure.
  • Everyone must have their own set of boxing gloves.
  • Social distancing during sessions. You will have your own section/equipment/bag area during a class.
  • Limited spectators – legally we are now not allowed to exceed a set number of people in the gym at any one time due to ventilation. This number includes staff and spectators as well as participants. We will therefore only allow parents who have children of different age groups attending two separate classes, to wait upstairs. You will not be able to stay if capacity is exceeded.
  • Spectators may not wait downstairs. Parents should wait in their car, outside or drop off and come back at the end. Please wait by the shutter to collect your child.
  • Unfortunately, you are not able to bring children to the adult classes as participants or spectators, please arrange childcare.
  • Where weather permits, our shutter will be open maximising ventilation. Extractor fans will always be on.
  • At this stage there will not be any partner work, we will let you know when this changes.
  • No sweat towels allowed.
  • As there is no sparring, where possible bring a small kit bag for your gloves and place in the compartment provided.
  • Where possible please arrive and leave in training clothes. The changing rooms are not in use.
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your scheduled class and leave promptly if there is another class afterwards.
  • Masks are not required, but you are welcome to wear one.
  • Where possible please enter via the main door and exit via the shutter if directed to.
  • Bottled drinks will be available to purchase but we will not be offering hot drinks at this time.

Covid-19 Symptoms:

It is essential that you do not attempt to enter the gym or attend any sessions if you or anyone you live with are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. We have several on demand classes you can use at home if you need to self-isolate, just ask and we will send them to you.

When to self-isolate

Self-isolate if:

  • You have any symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • You've tested positive for coronavirus – this means you have coronavirus
  • You live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive
  • Someone in your support bubble has symptoms or has tested positive
  • You're told by NHS Test and Trace that you've been in contact with a person with coronavirus

How long to self-isolate:

  • If you have symptoms or have tested positive for coronavirus, you'll usually need to self-isolate for at least 7 days.

You'll usually need to self-isolate for 14 days if:

  • Someone you live with has symptoms or tested positive
  • Someone in your support bubble has symptoms or tested positive
  • You've been told by NHS Test and Trace that you've been in contact with someone who has coronavirus